Interfaith Tuition Programme


  • Khalid Mosque
  • Heart of God Church

Scale Level:

< 10 attendees
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The Interfaith Tuition Programme is an annual initiative organised by the church and the mosque since 2016. University students from both organisations volunteer to tutor youths from their congregation and the neighbourhood, who need support in their studies before their major exams.
Every two weeks, the students alternate between the church venue or the mosque's premises, allowing students from each organisation to visit different places of worship and interact with one another. Every session is looked forward to because the studying and fellowship is always done over food! 😜

Hear what the participants have to say about their experience.


I’ve never been to a mosque so this was an experience that I really enjoyed!

Student from

Heart of God Church


The church was relaxed and cosy and it was nice of them to provide food

Volunteer teacher from

Khalid Mosque