Interfaith Christmas Gift Pack


  • Heart of God Church
  • Khalid Mosque
  • Geylang United Temple
  • Singapore Chan Khoo Kong Huay
  • Huang Shi Zong Hui (Singapore)
  • Putian Association
  • Nanyang Leow-Sih Association

Supporting Organisations:

  • South East CDC
  • The Inter-Racial and Religious Confidence Circle (IRCC)

Scale Level:

> 30 attendees
Christmas Gift Featured Image
To spread the Christmas joy, youths in Heart of God Church pulled together different religious organisations to give Christmas gift packs to underprivileged students.

The team prepared gift packs for the Indian-Muslim, Chinese, and Malay students. They went the extra mile to source for nice and practical gifts that the students will be able to use in their everyday lives! These packs include study essentials, food and health items.

100 students were so happy to receive the gift packs!
Pastor Garrett Lee, Heart of God Church
Christmas is about bringing joy and hope to others and going out there to love people in need. It’s heartwarming to know we could all come together regardless of race and religion to do something small to make Christmas special for these children.