Charity Briyani


  • Khalid Mosque
  • Yayasun Mendaki (Council for the Development of Singapore Malay/Muslim Community)

Supporting Organisations:

  • Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS)
  • Heart of God Church

Scale Level:

> 30 attendees
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Food is a universal love language, and it brings people together! The Charity Briyani, an annual fundraiser hosted by Khalid Mosque since 2002, raises funds to support the cost of education for low-income households. Throughout the years, this event has been supported by many religious organisations and partnerships. Indeed food does bring people together!!
(Psst.. You have to try Mr Alla'udin's famous briyani one day!)
Minister Edwin Tong to The Sunday Times
The lived experience of working side by side at events such as Charity Briyani is 'a very visible demonstration of what we can achieve in Singapore.'
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As of 20th March 2021,

> $28 million

disbursed by this trust fund

> 100,000

students that were helped


founding year of the trust fund