Interfaith Blood Donation Drive 2020


  • Heart of God Church
  • Khalid Mosque
  • Geylang United Temple
  • Nanyang Leow Shih Association
  • Singapore Chan Khoo Kong Huay

Supporting Organisations:

  • Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth
  • The Inter-Racial and Religious Confidence Circle
  • Singapore Red Cross

Scale Level:

> 30 attendees
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Held in the church and the mosque, the annual interfaith blood donation drive is a great opportunity for the community to make a meaningful contribution to society while achieving greater understanding of each other’s religious beliefs. As with each successful event, more people are starting to realise that this isn’t just a social responsibility but a declaration of unity as well! So start by making a change today! No matter how small the change is, we are still pushing forward!
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Did you know?

One bag of blood
can save three lives!!

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Under every skin colour and every creed, we bleed the same colour - Red.
Senior Pastor Tan Seow How
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bags of blood donated


First timers only consist
of 2017 and 2020

Hear what the participants have to say about their experience.


I was nervous at first but as my blood was being drawn, I felt a sense of satisfaction knowing that I can save lives!

18 year old


I’m just glad to be able to play a part in saving lives. It was my first blood donation and I don’t think it will be my last.

21 year old